Fight for a ticket for the show The Boy With Tape On His Face

Amorous oven mitts, sexually aroused spring rules, a free fall of a chair. Sam Wills, the New Zealander who is the maker of the show The Boy With Tape On His Face in 2008, has endless imagination. Through mime with sound Wills entertains the audience. “Fight for a ticket ! “, wrote the Time Out.…


Australian company Casus in the Netherlands and Flanders

“Many circus shows build towards wow-factor moments, but in this piece you quickly cease to expect triumphant drum rolls because this is a show in which every single minute counts.” So wrote the British Guardian about the performance Knee Deep of the Australian company Casus. The performance Knee Deep can be seen from the 3rd of…


Akram Khan & Israel Galvan in Netherlands with Torabaka

Two stars of the dance duet of Indian dance and flamenco are 2 and 3 February at the Stadsschouwburg Amsterdam. With this new artistic exchange, two world-famous dancers, Khan and Galván have created TOROBAKA, bringing together kathak and flamenco to create something altogether distinct, defying classification or genre. Click here for more information.

Shadow Puppeteer Bunk Puppets tour

Canadian Jeff Achtem alias Bunk Puppets comes to the Netherlands with the award-winning performance Stick Stones Broken Bones. Using home, garden and kitchen junk, cardboard and lint Bunk Puppets creates cartoon-like scenes of flying chickens brain transplants. On January 23, the first show can be seen in Schouwburg Arnhem. Click here for the touring list.

Danish version of Hamlet a must-see

“This Hamlet is an absolute must.” Wrote the newspaper MONTREAL GAZETTE about the version of Hamlet from the Tiger Lillies and the Danish theater company Theatre Republique. So write their performances on your calendar for next year. This musical performance can be seen from 16 until January 27, 2015 in Amsterdam, Arnhem and Groningen. Click here for…


Circus Company The Circulus on tour in the Netherlands

Good news! The Circulus, an innovative circus company, is coming to the Netherlands. The British. young and promising company is known for it’s fast, immersive and exciting live circus acts. In January 2015 they will perform in a Dutch theater with the show Silver Lining. Keep an eye on their website for more information.

Batsheva Dance Company in Amsterdam with SADEH21

On 9 and 10 January 2015, the Batsheva Dance Company perform two nights at the Stadsschouwburg Amsterdam with SADEH21. SADEH21 shows how Batsheva Dance is being known: powerful, agile and explosive, All movements performed virtuoso. SADEH21 offers a wide view of the landscape of raw human emotions, behavior, social struggle. At the same time a…


Last two shows of Talk to the Demon

Wim Vandekeybus and his company Ultima Vez will play Talk to the Demon two more times. For this special, confronting and funny performance Wim Vandekeybus is using one team of six performers and two kids. The performance is still to be seen in Tilburg and Groningen. Click here for the playlist.

Chunky Move (AUS) on tour with 247 Days

Drawing on reflections of a stranger in a foreign land, 247 Days is choreographer Anouk van Dijk’s intimate exploration into the subtleties of everyday human existence. An exposition of what we most passionately love, fear, desire and hate, 247 Days investigates how these divergent facets manage to coexist in all of us simultaneously. Focusing on the individual, Van Dijk’s…


Jaap van Baasbank wins award for best international presenter

Jaap van Baasbank, programmer of the festival Julidans and artistic director of Van Baasbank & Vos from Amsterdam won on November 22 in Montreal the “Best International Presenter Award”. The price is for a keyperson in the theater industry that has contributed to the international dispersal of the performing arts. During the gala dinner of…