Boost Producties (NL)– Open
Physical Theatre

Do you know the feeling of being greeted with open arms in an unfamiliar environment? Find a nice clearing where people are waiting for you? Three women create a bridge, a swing, a shelter, a crib and a gate to get together, to open up!
Boost makes visual acrobatic theatre at the intersection of circus, dance and visual art. In OPEN we unravel questions about meeting someone else. A stretched and movable installation as the crow flies supports our search.



September 16th 2023, Ins Blau Leiden
September 20th 2023, Concordia
September 30th 2023, Griffioen, Amstelveen
November 3rd 2023, Posthuis Heerenveen
November 15th 2023, Cool Heerhugowaard
December 30th  2023, CC Amstel
January 6th 2024, CC Amstel
January 27th 2024, De Lawei Drachten
January 28th 2024, Lindenberg Nijmegen
May 9th 2024, Parktheater Eindhoven