Tekst: ICK | Oostpool (NL) – All Over – Acts of Love

Dans en taal vinden elkaar in de zoektocht naar liefde

They have been together for years, André and Dorine. For so long, they have forgotten why. Because they are so used to it? With their daily activities, the elderly couple only irritates each other. They argue about everything. Until the moment comes that the memory of one of them starts to decay. Precisely then, memories provide guidance. Memories of how love was once, of desire and passion.


Speellijst 2019/20:

19 okt Amstelveen, Schouwburg Amstelveen
22 okt Arnhem, Musis & Stadstheater (try-out)
23 okt Arnhem, Musis & Stadstheater (try-out)
25 okt Amsterdam, De Meervaart (PREMIÈRE)
26 okt Amsterdam, De Meervaart
31 okt Nijmegen, Stadsschouwburg
5 nov Haarlem, Stadsschouwburg & Philharmonie Haarlem
14 nov Rotterdam, Theater Rotterdam
16 nov Breda, Chassé Theater
20 nov Arnhem, Musis & Stadstheater Arnhem
22 nov Alkmaar, TAQA Theater De Vest
26 nov Den Haag, Het Nationale Theater
27 nov Leiden, Leidse Schouwburg
02 dec Zwolle, Zwolse Theaters
03 dec Utrecht, Stadsschouwburg Utrecht
06 dec Leeuwarden, Stadsschouwburg De Harmonie
0 dec Hengelo, Schouwburg Hengelo
09 dec Amsterdam, ITA
10 dec Amsterdam, ITA
11 dec Groningen, Stadsschouwburg
13 dec Arnhem, Musis & Stadstheater Arnhem