Nader Campos (LB / ES)  – TIME TAKES THE TIME TAKES “Het dwingende tikken van de tijd […] neemt het publiek mee” **** de Volkskrant “Tick. Tack. Tick. Tack. Two pairs of legs swing through the air like a metronome. They go back and forth between the people that keep them in the air. ”The performance of Guy Nader and Maria Campos reflects the cyclical mechanism of time, with the dancers as a human perpetuum mobile. Measured movements and repetitions with a swinging pendulum movement show how people always live in the grip of time. TTTTTT is a physical challenge for five dancers. On electronic music by Miguel Marin a performance is created that “imaginatively, close to the body and precisely, TTTTT describes the phenomenon of time”

Speellijst 2019/20: 08 feb Kortrijk (B), Schouwburg Kortrijk 11 feb Heerlen, Parkstad Limburg Theaters 12 feb Turnhout (B), Cultuurhuis de Warande 14 feb Aalst (B), CC De Werf 15 feb Maasmechelen (B), Cultuurcentrum Maasmechelen 18 feb Groningen, SPOT Groningen