Compagnie Par Terre | Anne Nguyen (FR)Kata

“Virtuoze combinatie van vechtkunst en breakdance” ★★★★ Theaterkrant

In Kata, French choreographer Anne Nguyen gives her dancers the role of contemporary samurai, city warriors of modern metropolises. Many movements in the choreography are derived from martial arts such as the Brazilian capoeira and the less well-known Chinese Wing Chun.
Yet competition is not what interests Nguyen. Kata is a skillfully assembled movement puzzle for two or more dancers, intended to enter into a fight or encounter. Breakdance improvisations thus become the contemporary counterpart of the kata (series of self-defense techniques) in martial arts.25 t/m 29 Mar Aachen (D), ARTEC Schrit_tmacher Festival

22 apr Breda, Chassé Theater

23 apr Utrecht, Stadsschouwburg Utrecht

24 apr Arnhem, Musis & Stadstheater Arnhem

25 apr Aalst, CC De Werf