The 7 Fingers (CA) – Passagers

“Zij spreken met hun lichaam op een manier die onze harten in vervoering brengt” Le Figaro

Traveling by train is perhaps the most romantic way to travel. In the new show Passagers the members of 7 Fingers indulge their fascination with traveling by rail. In the limited space of the coupé, national borders are crossed, the past is left behind and the future is approached. A train journey thus becomes a symbol of life with changes in the timetable, diversions and, in the worst case, derailments. Unlike ordinary mortals who sit mainly during their journey, the Canadian circus artists are one motility and poetic energy. Passagers are dragged with suitcases and juggled with everything that lends itself to Passagers.

Speellijst 2019/20:

30 apr Groningen, SPOT Groningen

03 mei Rotterdam, Nieuwe Luxor Theater

05 mei Turnhout, Cultuurhuis De Warande

07 mei Heerlen, Parkstad Limburg Theaters

09 mei Tiel, Agnietenhof

11 mei Utrecht, Stadsschouwburg Utrecht

13 mei Delft, Theater de Veste

16 mei Heist-op-den-Berg, CC Zwaneberg

20 mei Alkmaar, TAQA Theater De Vest

21 mei Amersfoort, Flint Theater

23 mei Drachten, Theater De Lawei